What We Do & Why We Do It

Hazel Morning is a new company dedicated to improving the online-shopping experience of the average woman while simultaneously making the world a better place for all humans. Simple, right?

First, how we're improving online shopping. Hazel Morning is, or at least intends to become, a one-stop shop for all your creature comforts. Clothes? Look around, we're determined to carry a variety of styles and price points to fit into any aesthetic or budget. Accessories? Same deal. Health and beauty? If it has a cute brand name, we're either carrying it or making plans to in the future. And hey, there's a wide world out there, and chances are plenty of it's gonna be available from Hazel Morning in some form at some point.

So, why Hazel Morning instead of, say, Amazon??

Because of point number two, that's why. We're making the world better while selling you stuff you'd probably buy anyways, through actively supporting nonprofit organizations in our community and through treating our employees like actual human beings.

If you buy a piece of clothing from Hazel Morning, one dollar from that purchase goes to The Shepherd's Crook to help families adopting children with special needs. If you buy an accessory from us, that dollar goes to Indigo Hippo to promote arts accessibility. Beauty // personal care product? Dress for Success Cincinnati, helping disadvantaged women find and keep employment. And an additional dollar from each item purchased from Hazel Morning goes to support a woman's business venture in the developing world through Kiva.

Even closer to home, Hazel Morning is committed to treating our (future) employees with full respect for their contributions and potential. As of writing this, Hazel Morning is just one person so this is a little irrelevant, but... in the future, there are plans and goals and so forth. Sufficient to say, we believe in paying people enough to live, in flexible schedules and childcare arrangements, and in maternity leave.

Any further questions? Send us an email at questions@hazelmorning.be and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.